I have too many balls in the air

June 30, 2010

I love The Office and I love “that’s what she said.” I also have inappropriate laughter, still chuckle at bathroom humor, and mentally still find joy in what a kindergartner might. Thankfully, I have stopped eating glue and have cut back slightly at mocking seniority when they exit a room.

This is not to say I don’t take my career seriously, I really do. I expect a lot out of myself and I have some intensive goals set for my life. I also barely controlled myself years ago in a meeting when someone told the client “you have my tit in a ringer.” What? Really? Oh boy. I was destroyed. I didn’t know if he meant a way to knock on a door or his iPhone made an odd sound when someone called.

In a serious boardroom meeting when tensions were high, someone mentioned “having too many balls in the air is bad.” I agree, I personally don’t want any balls in the air, mine or yours (where applicable.)

Or what about the guy with mixed up metaphors? “This will take the wind out of his saddle.” I hope I’m up wind then. “He doesn’t care if he screws up, he’s not the one with his ass in a noose.” Of all things to be hanged by, I’d think this would be the easiest one to fall out of. And my favorite, “She’s suffering from a detached rectum.” No explanation here except I’m not going to her eye doctor or her house for dinner.

What fun things are you discussing at work today?


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