My wife…mother, RN, superhero

July 7, 2010

My wife is a registered nurse at Riley Hospital for Children. She works in the PICU and sees a side of the world that some choose to not even think about. Sick, very ill, and/or dying children. I have two children and thinking about having to watch one of them suffer or worse…kills me.

And at Riley, everyday, the dedicated staff works tirelessly to counsel and care for patients and families, treat and touch lives, heal and help children, and make their journey home the most peaceful and painless as they can. And home for some, is with the Lord.

What an overwhelming responsibility to own a career in which you directly impact life. I believe that in the core of all of us, we do have a superhero characteristic. It may not always be present, it may not always be visible, but it is there. And the miracles that happen at Riley are a credit to that human superhero function. The staff’s will, belief, and need to heal those kids sometimes seem to overcome the medical odds.

Today my wife is going to a luncheon because she has been nominated for the Red Shoes Award.

The Red Shoes AwardTM was inspired by the book Hannah’s Gift. Within the pages of Hannah’s Gift, Maria Housden shares lessons in living she received from her three-year-old daughter Hannah. During the last year of her short life, Hannah was fearless in the way she faced death and in the way she approached living. The little girl who wore her favorite red Mary Janes into the operating room changed the life of everyone who came in contact with her. Hannah actually helped health care professionals better understand how to make patients and their families feel welcomed, involved, respected and nurtured.

I am so proud and amazed at what she has accomplished in such a short time as a nurse. Not that I didn’t think she was capable, but the grace, dignity, empathy, and selflessness in which she has commanded herself and her department when working with patients and families has been simply astounding.

So Jill, when you get home today, just know that the kids and I will have a giant hug, kiss, and your cape ready.



  1. Wiping tears away right now.

    • Pretty amazing what people do in healthcare and even more amazing how strong some of those kids are. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jill had superhero written all over her… from the first time we met….very special

  3. With gratitude to Jill for being deserving of such an award, and to you for generously supporting the important work that she does. ❤

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