I need change… but not for parking

July 13, 2010

Change. That word. It paralyzes, it aggravates, it tests peoples’ character and it can define the difference between failure and success. I personally love it. And yet many people would rather hide than to face it.

In most instances it simply pisses me off when someone is so stubborn with change they become disablers, gatekeepers, and roadblocks. And in that flurry of frustration I realize that is what separates innovators with demotivators, trailblazers with stargazers, and leaders with followers.

Maybe it is generational. Maybe the younger generation doesn’t have the tenured experience and yet maybe because of modern technology, emerging media, and the constant bombardment of information, they are more set up to lead companies into the future. They are more willing to take chances, to explore new channels, and most importantly, to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

There is certainly a flipside to moving too fast and forging ahead with reckless abandon. And the biggest downfall of all of the above is moving forward without a plan, a goal, or a metric. Those very same strengths can become a glaring weakness if done without thinking through.

And yet, maybe this is all cyclical. I’m sure 15 years ago newbies to the business world were probably having the same conversation. I just hope that those who were frustrated are now the ones who are challenging themselves to learn and stay current or simply, trusting those who do know to help lead the way.

What do you think? Do you like change or do you fear it?



  1. You only need to change if you haven’t kept up.

    • True or if you see an opportunity and want to stay ahead.

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