The agency silo

July 14, 2010

I understand that one of the biggest points of difference within any business, organization, association, or communications agency is its people. And with those people are their intellectual property, processes, and inspiring ideas.

What I don’t understand is how guarded and overly protected we are with those in our discipline.  I have friends who not only work in the advertising/PR industry but who actually work at competing agencies. Do we chat about financials, what great website we just designed, and our “proprietary” process that gets more results for our clients? No, but we do discuss the pressures, outside stresses, and direction of our industry and trade. And with those outside perspectives, I always leave feeling more inspired, refreshed, and happy to know others are out there pushing just as hard.

To a degree there has been and always will be a level of distrust with those who could potentially go after and take business from you. But how sound is that relationship with your client if a simple call, lunch, or email draws them away from your services? If you are providing value and a strong product, have faith in your work and your relationship.

So open up to those around you and be smart about it. Those same people may become your boss, peer, or even client.

I am alone in this?



  1. Great piece Eich, and very true…

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