Who has the true knowledge?

July 22, 2010

Every day we are bombarded with information, insights, ideas, and an increasing volume of regurgitated imitations. I’m not talking about re-tweets or simply forwarding on a piece of information or writing that people believe others will enjoy. Rather I am seeing self professed “experts” giving advice that I feel is nothing more than common sense 101.

Where is the new thinking? Where is the ownership in providing the world with your perspective on a topic? Are you reading this and feeling the same way about me? It is a danger we all face. And to the last question, I hope not.

As we continue to live in an age where information is passed, processed, and re-purposed at a blinding speed. Some communication attempts to stay ahead of the curve are obviously not well thought through. Maybe the era of disposable content has created a false need for short bursts of content that simply add volume instead of relevance. Maybe we should make our writing count the first time around and not be confident that we can just shotgun more tweets, blog posts, and updates with hope that one resonates.

But what do I know?


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