The era of disposable content

August 4, 2010

Years ago I would have cringed at the thought of spending, time, and money on any communications tool, tactic, or strategy that would literally be old news within a day.

But here I sit, engaged, enlightened, and excited about the development and acceptance of disposable content, specifically video. Right now video has gone from high production, high dollars to hi res, low budget and yet more impact. Video has simply become more accessible.

How? Why? Because when done right, it still delivers your message to an audience with moving pictures, audio, and post-production quality that pulls people into an emotional, instructional, or informational story. And when used on websites, social media, or mobile devices, short hits of purposeful video can be a very powerful tool.

What is the other key to the above scenario? People are accustomed to seeing change frequently and are more locked in on the message than if your video was shot by a crew of 15 rather than two young guys on a mission and a vision. Plus my cell phone takes better pics and videos than my first digital camera and camcorder.

So put your message in motion and reap the rewards.


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