What the year 2050 will look like. And yes…I want a lightsaber.

August 5, 2010

I am pretty random and at times totally unrelated and random events get me thinking about things. (Insert joke here about the fact that I do actually think sometimes.) I was helping my best friend move back to Pennsylvania this past week and we were discussing how bad it must have stunk to move back in the Little House on the Prairie days. No wonder Chuck and the family put up with Nellie. Who the hell wanted to move?

Anyway back to modern day and running water. I kept thinking about how much technology has advanced and how change is so common it is uncommon not to see, hear, or witness change.

So let’s look back at the past 40 years.

It is hard to believe that this puts us in the 70s, my birth decade. The 70s brought us Star Wars and the lightsaber. When I was a kid that was the ultimate protection device. Almost 40 years later, still no lightsaber and I still haven’t got anything to move simply by making a face like I am horribly constipated.

The 80s brought entertainment to the home like never before. PCs took off, VHS vs. Beta, and Nintendo. Who knew that 30 years later I would get to look out of my downtown window and people watch at Gen Con Indy. I hope this year, the guy who dressed up as Link from the Legend of Zelda games wears pants over his tights.

In the 90s we made huge strides in technology. From cell phones and iPods to the Internet and email, that decade changed me forever. I remember as a freshman at Ball State in ’94, I just started to embrace this new thing called electronic mail and then four and a half years later when I graduated, my DJ skills were replaced with an iPod. My wheels of steel and vinyl where no match for a click wheel and a portable 20GB music library.

Once we got over the Y2K farce we moved into more power, more memory in less space, in less time. Speed is everything and we want to watch it, not read it. I wonder if my kids’ grandkids will have little tiny thumbs that swivel at incredible speeds. They will be able to text faster than they think, but won’t be able to peel a banana worth a damn.

So in 2050 I guess I’ll be at conference wearing tights, listening to 40TB of music on a device the size of stamp, watching young kids pick their teeth with their tiny thumbs, all while wondering why in 80 years, Apple can’t make me a simple iSaber.


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