I found my true calling. Writing greeting cards.

August 19, 2010

I am convinced that there is a card now for everything. I was trying to buy a simple thank you card the other day and was amazed at the selection, poor writing, and unintended comic relief some of the brilliant passages possessed.

I enjoyed the following:

Belated Birthday
“Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry to hear that you passed.”

Losing a Pet
“Mittens was a lively cat
His fur was gray and warm
I just wish Mittens was a faster cat
And got out of the way of the car.”

Get well soon
“Glad you finally went to the dentist. Your breath smelled so bad, when you talked, your teeth ducked.”

“Every time you smile a clown wets his pants.”

That got me thinking why hasn’t anyone created these masterpieces for business? How about:
“Sorry. I never would have called you that had I realized you were copied on the email.”
Or the must have, “When I said the Boss was a jackass I was referring to Springsteen.”

I guess a guy can dream. Meanwhile here is thank you message for you all.

“Thank you all for reading
It is time for me to go
If you’re having troubles with your colon
I really don’t want to know.”



  1. http://www.someecards.com/workplace-cards/most-sent-today

  2. They do have the market on this stuff!

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