Some of the best ideas were written on a napkin

September 14, 2010

We have all heard stories about conversations at a bar between friends that spark an idea that changes the way we do business, no-name musicians jotting down the hit that ultimately makes them a household name, and ad campaigns that leave us smiling and buying products.

And ever so often we have one of these moments. Either by taking the initiative to write the idea, thought, or concept down or being lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such genius.

I happen to think the best idea that ever hit me happened this way. On December 6, 1998, I was at a bar after a work function and my future wife took out a pen, smiled, tilted her head, and wrote me a note in Japanese on a cocktail napkin. To be honest, I still don’t know what she wrote and I don’t care. What I do remember is in that instant, I realized she was the one.

She had the brains, the drive, the sense of humor, the charm, the wit, and the spontaneity to go with the beauty. I was blown away. It was such a simple gesture, yet one that will last with me forever. That note started a life together that has seen us go through marriage, building a house, changing careers, raising children, and being eternally grateful that she wrote that note to me, on that night, in that moment, forever.

Today is my eight year anniversary to a woman who has shown me the gift of life, the blessing of love, and the joy of family. 2,920 days. Each one I am thankful for and each one more wonderful than the next.

Happy Anniversary Jill. I love you.


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