This Thanksgiving give thanks by acknowledging another human being.

November 23, 2010

I was running early Saturday morning and as I headed down a foggy road past some of the remaining farms in Fishers an elderly man hobbled his way towards the road and gave me a big smile. As a matter of fact, he patiently waited until I smiled back. I yelled “Good morning, how are you?” To which he gave me a bigger smile and said, “Great thank you. I just wish I could do that!” Well, I wish more people would do more of what he just did.

He smiled, he acknowledged, and then he made me smile. He passed on what makes us all human, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the need to feel appreciated.

I’m sure this is reflective of the greatest generation. People who gave all they had to fight against oppression, hatred, and intolerance so we all have something to smile about. They fought so we all, as human beings, could have what we so desperately want and need. The right to be our own individuals in a world of masses, to speak when we feel so moved to do so, and to live without fearing for our freedoms.

One of my fraternity brothers, Jeremy Gray, recently posted his pet peeve of people that don’t say hello when you look them in the eye and say it to them. Chris Jackson, another brother who posted an oddly similar frustration when he told someone to have a nice day and they replied, “I will.” It is a sad state of humanity when simply acknowledging another human being has become either an afterthought or no thought at all.

How great could this country be if we all showed a little compassion, understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for those around us? And why stop there. The world could use a giant dose of selflessness.

My dad says it well, “You don’t have to be best friends with everyone, you just have to learn how to get along with everyone.” I agree completely and I am thankful for those of us out there who get it.

What are you thankful for this year?



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