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Facebook is not your therapist

November 11, 2010

I think like a lot of us who use social media professionally or personally are growing tired of the mass of people who aren’t putting a unique thought out there. Their thought is the last thought they just read. But what really amazes me are the people using Facebook for therapy sessions. Therapy sessions for one.

I don’t mean to be insensitive here. Some people use these channels as a way to easily and efficiently reach out to friends, family, and colleagues when a true issue arises. This honestly is the power behind social media. And one I see great value in. I am talking more about the one-off, random, sad, depressed, and “woe is me” people who really don’t need your prayers, thoughts, or “sending you a hug” icon. Really? Here, I am sending you a “forearm shiver” right back.

This is what I am talking about, “Today is the day I do it. Be with me.” Ok, for what? Are you putting down the dog? Is the dog not even sick? Is it not your dog? Ok, that’s newsworthy and worth sharing. Or how about, “I wish I could turn back time.” I think Cher sang a song about that. Is that what you are referencing? Or maybe you didn’t see my post about the mayonnaise recall? And last but not least the motivational saying person. “If you focus on what you want, you can have it. If you focus on what you have, you can want it.” What the…did you READ your post? And sure enough someone clicks “like.”

Is anyone else tired of this? If so, please let me know. I have this terrible pain…


The era of disposable content

August 4, 2010

Years ago I would have cringed at the thought of spending, time, and money on any communications tool, tactic, or strategy that would literally be old news within a day.

But here I sit, engaged, enlightened, and excited about the development and acceptance of disposable content, specifically video. Right now video has gone from high production, high dollars to hi res, low budget and yet more impact. Video has simply become more accessible.

How? Why? Because when done right, it still delivers your message to an audience with moving pictures, audio, and post-production quality that pulls people into an emotional, instructional, or informational story. And when used on websites, social media, or mobile devices, short hits of purposeful video can be a very powerful tool.

What is the other key to the above scenario? People are accustomed to seeing change frequently and are more locked in on the message than if your video was shot by a crew of 15 rather than two young guys on a mission and a vision. Plus my cell phone takes better pics and videos than my first digital camera and camcorder.

So put your message in motion and reap the rewards.


Who has the true knowledge?

July 22, 2010

Every day we are bombarded with information, insights, ideas, and an increasing volume of regurgitated imitations. I’m not talking about re-tweets or simply forwarding on a piece of information or writing that people believe others will enjoy. Rather I am seeing self professed “experts” giving advice that I feel is nothing more than common sense 101.

Where is the new thinking? Where is the ownership in providing the world with your perspective on a topic? Are you reading this and feeling the same way about me? It is a danger we all face. And to the last question, I hope not.

As we continue to live in an age where information is passed, processed, and re-purposed at a blinding speed. Some communication attempts to stay ahead of the curve are obviously not well thought through. Maybe the era of disposable content has created a false need for short bursts of content that simply add volume instead of relevance. Maybe we should make our writing count the first time around and not be confident that we can just shotgun more tweets, blog posts, and updates with hope that one resonates.

But what do I know?


My POV on social media

July 6, 2010

I am not a social media expert, and I don’t really believe many people are. There are discussions of results, conversation, and relationship building. Tweets on how to market yourself and your business, how to sell this to clients, and clients, how a free tool is actually a huge undertaking from a resources standpoint.

So after all of that, why do I feel like I need to add another “how to” blog to the overcrowded space that already exists? Because, I am just old enough to realize these are all just another set of tools/channels in an overall communications strategy to help your business.

I have talked to recent grads and they can build numbers/followers/friends like crazy, but are they really understanding how brands are being impacted? And tenured business people are making the mistake of tweeting and adding Facebook updates because they can.  I’m not sure which one is worse. So here are some things to think about.

Look at data. If your customers are there, you need to be there.

If you are seeing an increase in customers using these channels, identify what they are asking for and then be there. Years ago, people decided to send emails instead of phone calls to companies to complain, compliment, or question. They are doing the same now on Twitter and its friends. If they are there, so are the things they are saying about you.

Friends don’t let friends tweet dumb.

Guess what? If you do the above and find no traffic and your product is something that people would rather have sand in their swim trunks than read daily updates, don’t do it. It’s that easy. Save yourself the stress and be efficient and look for another channel.

Keep your communications rooted in practical and purposeful thinking.

Why are you doing this? What are you selling? Is this for customer service? Before you would spend a dime on TV, radio, outdoor, etc., ask yourself the same questions. And then level set your expectations.

Patience is a virtue.

Most of these channels take months to start seeing results. So be patient. Work your plan, be smart, and remember you can adjust on the fly.

People still buy from people.

Have fun and show personality. Don’t be the wallflower who wonders why no one asked them to the prom. And I would also caution not to go all Gaga on them either. Unless that really reflects your personal or business brand.

Ok, all, I know you have opinions. So please share your insights on these.