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The power of the Greek system in the business world

August 12, 2010

Everyone, including myself, has perceptions, stereotypes, and feelings about the Greek system. And most of these stem from Animal House, an article in a newspaper, or from your experiences whether positive or negative.

I actually never wanted to join a fraternity. I didn’t want to pay money to be friends with someone, hold my nose in the air at “independents”, or feel entitled because of some letters I could wear on my chest. However after my freshman year at Ball State, it became apparent to me that I found a home away from home at the Delta Tau Delta house on 1001 West Riverside. I am a Delt and always will be.

I’m sure in writing this my wife is afraid I am going to go all Old School (which, by the way, Will Ferrell is a Delt) and do some block trots around Fishers and invite the neighbors over for a Harry Buff party. No, I won’t be doing that… although tempting. Maybe instead I’ll just streak Café Patachou at Clay Terrace; after all they are the “student union for adults.”

No, I am writing this because of the continual job I see the Greek system cranking out more leaders and its ability to stay relevant when social media, text messaging, and creating fake online personas is so rampant. I also know how different of a person I am for joining.

I have been in board meetings that were more unguided, pointless, and childish than running a Chapter meeting in a house of 100 18-23 year old men. Try getting all that testosterone to be serious for four seconds and come to a consensus. But we did it, time and time again. I learned how to work with egos, different backgrounds, and how to succeed. I also learned that if you weren’t striving to be the best, someone else was and would be the first to tell you about it. The statistics don’t lie, check them out.

Even with all of the above, going Greek isn’t for everyone and I respect that. Some of my closest friends and smartest people I know would be repulsed at the thought. I just know how lucky I am to have made that choice. I would never know guys like Biscuit-neck, Blockhead, Dorito-butt, T-Rex, and Patches. And I mention those guys because despite the nicknames, they are some of the finest people I know. I also learned that to be great, you need to be consistent, purposeful, and dedicated to your goals.

Ok, enough of this, who is driving me to Patachou?