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TMI at work… please stop the madness.

September 7, 2010

We have all been there. A co-worker harmlessly adds to a conversation and then starts sharing their lives’ most interesting and awkward moments.

I’m not sure if these people have no filter or they simply need affirmation that they might not be alone in their quest of universal weirdness.

I worked with a woman years ago when I was in college who not only had TMI syndrome but also was quite random when inserting her stories in otherwise normal conversation. One time she jumped in about how nice a local high school’s football field was. Nothing odd there, until she proceeded to comment “that is where Melvin first rang my bell.” Yikes. This was the same woman who openly talked about her struggles with what the doctors called, “a bit of a weight problem” and one summer went on and on about her raging hormones and possible start to menopause. Yeah the sweating had nothing to do with the fact 95% of her wardrobe was made out of Spandex and she walked to work.

Then there are the WebMD folks who get into the TMI zone. I once mentioned how much better I felt after going on one of my long runs. That sparked a peer to discuss a time they ate bad turkey and was using runs in a much different context. You also know you’re in trouble anytime the conversation starts out with a visit to anyone ending in gist: gyno, proctolo, gastro, etc. It never ends well and it always ends up with discussion around, well… someone’s end.

And we also have the dysfunctional family TMI abusers. These people have no problem with discussing drug abuse, prison, interesting tattoos (both design and location), and domestics. My favorite was a co-worker who went on and on about their niece and why couldn’t she marry a nice guy, get a concept of birth control (she had three kids to three different guys), and she should at least stop getting all the exes’ names tattooed on her. “You know those things are hard to remove.” And did I mention her niece was 17 at the time? I used to think Springer was set up, wow was I wrong.

Any good TMI moments today?