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Content is king.

February 9, 2011

Being in the advertising and communications world, I often get asked by my family and friends what advertising I like the most and why. To me, it is much more than clever post work, a new technology, or a catchy jingle. And whether I am reading a blog, watching a TV spot (right who does that anymore), tweeting, or even looking at brand packaging on my favorite beverage, content is king.

This past Super Bowl is no exception. Sure I liked the Volkswagen Darth Vader spot and the Doritos finger licker, but for the most part, they all fell short. They weren’t clever, they didn’t make me think, laugh, or remotely want to buy what they are selling. And in the economic market we are still cruising through and the fact the world is moving more towards mobile and 140 characters or less thinking, I wanted short, sweet, and smart content.

With QR Codes, interactive video, and social media continuing to take its place in the communication du jour space, I am excited and a little concerned.

I don’t want to see effort ruined by poor writing, bad creative, and content best left in a trash can all because of the rush to try something new. Don’t excite me by putting a QR Code on your business card only to send me to your contact information…AGAIN. Don’t tease me with a great tweet and then drive me to a page that looks like I should be on a VIC-20 (young readers click the link, your flash drive has more memory.)

All in all the things we remember, enjoy, engage with, and ultimately own are because we made a connection with the content. There was something that stirred a response in us that made us take action.

What are some great or not-so-great examples you have seen recently?



Where is the real in reality TV?

July 20, 2010

Let me start first by saying unless it is football, hockey, or a random show about what happens on earth if man disappears completely, I don’t really dig TV. Sure I watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Wow Wow Wubbzy with the kids (great shows by the way) but I am not into the let me pick from these 625 available singles and miraculously fall in love while I am cliff diving to win a seat beside Donald reality shows.

For one, I have learned from agency experience that as soon as you put someone in front of a camera they change. Some freeze, some panic, some become a used car salesman. So I don’t believe in general people are acting like themselves. Reality…no. Entertainment to some…yes.

Two, I can understand how people get caught up in a moment. So can you find true love in eight weeks after “dating” 20 different people and giving them a freakin’ rose to pass them to the next round? I have no clue and maybe I shouldn’t judge, but I question the motivation to do this. If you fail, how could you find a date afterwards? You’ll always be that guy or girl from the reality show. So with the risk being high is the true reward romance or money, 15 minutes of fame, or something else? I’m not sure and I am glad I never have to worry about it.

And if you want a real show, here is an idea. Drop 10 people off in the middle of the woods. Let them know if they make it out alive they win. No call a friend, no fireside crybaby chats at how life has let me down, and no host coming in to consult with the contestants. Just let the tape roll and the reality start.

And maybe make a bunch of bear noises. And yes…save the poor idiots.